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Rugby Club

The history of local sports team Coalville Rugby Club dates back to 1902 – that’s over 120 years of history and five generations of families who have found ‘home’ in the team. With corporate sponsorships, Coalville RFC has tackled funding issues and sees new generations charge into their futures with confidence.

How Coalville Rugby Club Has Positively Impacted The Community With Premier Logistics’ Support?

Why they chose us

After meeting during a corporate event at a Leicester Riders game, both realised they each support the local community and run a family- businesses. With aligned values, Premier pitched their services and manoeuvred their prices due to the volume of work RMP required.

Coalville Rugby Club Goals

Improve facilities

Engage with players 

Turn people’s lives around for the better

Why do Premier Logistics support coalville rugby club?

Coalville is the home of Premier Logistics. We wanted to give back to the area by supporting something local that had the ability to positively impact many people. Coalville Rugby Club fit the bill having senior, junior, mini and ladies teams and a community of over 400 spectators.

Our sponsorship allows Premier Logistics to experience the togetherness of this community and witness the changing of lives that results from being introduced to rugby and the camaraderie and relationships that come with it.

  • NQuality Pitches
  • NFinancial Stability
  • NImproved Bathrooms
  • NProper Safety Equipment
  • NAttracted New Members To The Club

“Rugby is a team sport and we get lots of different characters come through the club. We introduce them to the game and they learn about team spirit. They learn they can’t just fight it out, that they’ve got to hold their aggression and work with others.

Prison officers have brought inmates here in the past to help them turn their lives around and we’re able to help them do that thanks to Premier Logistics’ commitment. I walk around the town and people shake my hand saying things like ‘thank you, you stopped me from going to prison because you taught me the principles of rugby and refereeing’.

Rugby changes lives for the better and helps people with the right attitudes to life, with lifelong friendships forged from playing with teammates as well as the opposition. The game shows people how to work as a team and with authority as shown in the way all players are coached to respect referees. With the help of Premier Logistics, we’re physically changing lives and creating friendships.”

David Pickering

Head Coach, Coalville Rugby Club

“We have the Premier Logistics signs pitch side but that’s superficial compared to how their sponsorship really helps us. Corporate sponsorship from the company has meant we have financial stability and that we’re able to have good safety equipment like the correct pad protectors and shirts which is a major thing for us.

Their money goes into the infrastructure of the club: maintaining the pitches so we can carry on playing rugby here in 50 years’ time, and improving bathroom facilities – meaning we are attracting new members. Without their support, the club would be struggling all the while.”

Coalville Rugby Club


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