Corporate Social Responsibility

Premier Logistics Group is committed to positively contributing to the community and environment.

We believe that corporate responsibility is not only about good business management but also developing a long-term and excellent relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees.

At Premier Logistics, we follow a strong code of ethics implemented in the company’s foundation. We are committed to our responsibility as corporate citizens, demonstrated through our business practices and conduct. We believe our customers value and take care of our employee’s health and safety. 

Premier Logistics believe that our suppliers are committed to offering a safe and secure environment to their employees as we are.

It is our top priority when selecting the suppliers for the company. Our procurement team visit supplier to ensure safety and health standards. Premier Logistics Group take pride in our commitment to CSR.

Our services are accredited for Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental code; we follow serious workplace standards, including a safe and healthy environment for employees, fair pay, and health and safety. We are the only pallet network in the UK with ISO:9001 compliance. We also help our clients in fulfilling employee wellbeing and corporate social responsibility. At Premier Logistics, we measure CSR progress with the right benchmarks and back it up with accurate reporting. 

We believe in honesty and integrity when providing service to our customers.

Integrity is one of the core values of our company. We are active members of the society where we live, work and do business.

We follow sustainable energy practices and lower our carbon footprints; our fleet management service simplifies the benchmarking process and offers accurate vehicle emission reports. We support innovative solutions to make the environment sustainable and clean. We partner with organisations that create a positive impact on the environment.

We aim to improve road safety and reduce the emission of harmful substances. Premier Logistics is also connected with local charitable groups. We have supported Leicester Riders Foundation, Rainbows Children’s Hospice, LOROS and Bodie Hodges. 

  • NEnvironment sustainability.
  • NElectric cars and employee safety.
  • NCommitment to community.
  • NLower carbon emission.